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Linkin Park Member Sad Health Update Revealed

Linkin Park singer/guitarist Mike Shinoda has told fans that his knee injury sadly hasn’t healed yet in a new Instagram post.

“The London show was amazing, but also took a lot out of me. It was emotional, plus my knee hasn’t healed yet.

So chilled super hard yesterday after we flew in to Budapest. I think I was on my Switch almost all day (Hollow Knight in case you’re wondering). And I had paprikás csirke (chicken paprikash) for the first time, which was amaaaaaazing. ”

He also recently posted a photo with Brad Delson and Jon Green.

“The ‘One More Light’ album wouldn’t have been possible without these two gentlemen. I wrote the title track with Eg, and wrote ‘Battle Symphony’ and ‘Nobody Can Save Me’ with Jon (@thebonfires) and @braddelson.

Thank you for coming on stage with me to play those songs, guys. They are some of my favorites the band has ever put out. #posttraumatictour.”

“I really enjoyed this @jonathan.weiner photo shoot for @kerrangmagazine_ / all the words were actually ink on clear plastic. And Kerrang let me be their magazine editor for the issue. Answered a lot of questions, plus got to talk in depth about my current favorite music and visual artists.”

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